Customer Service

Questions about your account?…Want to change your payment method or set up a different payment option?…Need to know the status of your application? Set Financial Customer service reps can help if you can’t find the answers here or in the Frequently Asked Questions.

Where to mail payment:

SET Financial Corporation
PO Box 63065
Charlotte, NC 28263-3065

Common Loan Statuses

There are several status types your loan application may be in:


This status means we have received your application. You must ensure you have provided all the necessary documents. Log into your account for more instructions or to upload documents.


A member of our underwriting team is currently reviewing your credit application. This step typically takes less than one business hour, but the actual time may vary based on the time of day in which the application was submitted and our overall loan application volume.


We are almost finished reviewing your loan application for credit. However, we have a couple questions about your loan application. Please give a member of our verification department a call to expedite the process.


Please call a member of our closing department or your account rep to review your loan offer(s). Please note, at the time of closing you will need your bank information, to be on a computer and have a working phone. Notice – Credit insurance products are not required to obtain credit and we will not provide them unless you sign and agree to pay the additional premium.


Please access your online account to review the pending offer. Please gather your checking account information before logging in so the system does not time out on you. Do not accept an offer until carefully reviewing and understanding all the related loan documents.


You have accepted a loan offer and a member of our closing department is reviewing all the information prior sending it to our funding department for final review.


You have requested a change and we are reviewing your request.


Congratulations, your account is now being reviewed for funding. This is the final step, double check and make sure you provided the correct checking account number and routing information. Also, make sure your name is on the checking account. We will email you once the account is funded. If we have any questions, we will call and email you.


Your account is now active in our system. You should have received a funding email when we activated your account.- check your spam folder & add us as a contact in your email client. Funds are typically deposited within 12 to 24 banking hours.


We are unable to approve your application for credit. For more information, please read your Statement of Credit Denial, Termination or Change.


We were unable to process your application. Most likely when were unable to reach you by phone or were missing information. If you want to reinstate your application, please contact our customer service department.



Do you have a complaint about a payment processed on your account?…or a question related to a billing statement you received in the mail or electronically? Have you experienced a change in your monthly income and need to adjust the monthly due date? If so, please call Contact customer service at 800.803.2510 and speak to a customer service representative or send us an email at While we strive for 100% customer satisfaction, please know that there are limits to what our customer service representative are able to do. Depending on your grievance, we might require written correspondence/confirmation.